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Hi, my name is Thijs Clowting and I have a passion for IT. What started out as a hobby grew out to be my career. In 2014, I started my study as a software engineer at HZ University of Applied Sciences. After that I got my first job as a web developer at Elloro & Recranet in 2015. Since then I have developed mobile apps for NOS and performed data science research for Rijkswaterstaat. I finished my graduation internship at the Belastingdienst in Utrecht and started working there as a Data Engineer at the Data & Analytics department. To help the Dutch Red Cross optimise their medical assistance at The Four Days Marches in Nijmegen I developed a dashboard that provides insights to support decision making.

Thijs Clowting
Setting course for the future.

Giro d'Italia Thijs Clowting - Cycling


To stay sharp and fit I like to cycle 🚴 around and go out for a run 🏃 every once in a while. Being a fan of cycling tours building the NOS video event app for the Tour the France was an amazing experience. Apart from sports I also love exploring other countries and cultures ✈ and taking pictures along the way. I shot the banner pictures 📷 myself. From time to time I like to take part in hackathons 💻 to get inspired by others, explore new technologies and show my skills by working to a common goal in a limited amount of time.

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